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Personal Installment Loans

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Borrow your way! Whether you want online, in branch, or over the phone service – we’ve got you covered. Our personal installment loans allow you to get the money you need now and to repay through a consistent set of affordable monthly payments.

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Find out if a personal installment loan is right for your needs! Here are just some of the
ways people like you are using their extra funds to improve the day-to-day


Auto Repair Loans

Repair your vehicle with flexible options that get you on your way

Home Improvement Loans

Handle unexpected home repair expenses or necessary weather-proofing and updates

Debt Consolidation Loans

Reduce multiple loans into a single monthly payment

Parties and Family Celebrations

Whether a Quinceañera or a 50th anniversary party is in the plans, celebrate like you deserve

Bad Credit Loans

Pay for whatever life brings your way, even if you’ve been denied by other creditors

All loans are not created equal

Here’s how our personal installment loans compare to other loan types

Loan Term

Processing Speed

Monthly Payment

Helps Build Credit

Personal Installment Loans

3-36 months

Payday loans

Same day

Same day

Title Loans

15-30 days

Same day

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Frequently asked questions about personal installment loans

In the financial industry, ‘personal loan’ refers to money borrowed to pay for personal expenses. It is expected to be repaid in small portions over time with interest added on.

Personal loans are often unsecured, meaning borrowers do not risk losing their house or car if they can not pay back the loan.

Repaying personal loans on time helps borrowers establish their credit scores. Not paying back a personal loan may have an adverse impact on borrowers’ credit scores.

Unlike car loans, mortgage loans or student loans, which limit what a loan can be used for, personal loans allow borrowers to use their money however they would like.

There are two main types of personal loans: secured and unsecured.

With a secured loan, borrowers are asked to provide something of value, often the rights to their car or home, to their lender if they cannot pay back their loan. With an unsecured loan, lenders do not have the right to the borrower’s personal property, even if they default. However, failing to pay back unsecured loans will have a negative impact on the borrower’s credit history.

Personal loans are provided to eligible individuals in the form of a check or a bank deposit. They are given in one lump sum and then typically repaid by the borrower in smaller installments. A fee proportionate to the amount borrowed, called an interest rate, is factored into the smaller installment payments. How fast a personal loan must be repaid and how much is due every month depends on the conditions of the loan and the amount borrowed.

Every personal loan company has different criteria for qualifying. While some only look at applicants’ credit scores, at Sun Loan we assess a person’s general ability to repay, including factors like source of income, proof of residency, ability to incorporate repayments into a monthly budget, and repayment history.

You can receive a personal installment loan from Sun Loan as soon as the same day you apply! Come into a branch to see how much you’re eligible for and receive your check after you are approved or apply online and have money deposited into your account as early as next day.

We look at a number of factors in addition to credit history at Sun Loan. Even individuals with very low credit scores may qualify for a loan.

Sun Loan reports to all three major credit bureaus, so taking a personal installment loan and repaying it on time gives you a chance to positively impact your credit score. Late payments or lack of repayment would have a negative impact on credit score.

While we do check credit, it is one of many factors we look at when assessing eligibility. That’s why even individuals with poor credit may often qualify for loans.

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